Double Oak University

Following Wednesday night dinner, we offer discipleship classes for adults called Double Oak University (DOU). We will offer these classes in a Fall term and a Winter/Spring term each year. Our PreschoolChildren’s, and Student Ministry also offer specific studies during our Wednesday night classes, allowing them to form a deeper connection with each other and God. Wednesday night’s at Double Oak offers something for everyone in your family! 


DOU is designed to equip you to grow and mature in your faith. We offer all kind of classes to help you grow in various areas of your life from theology to parenting. While it is good to offer a variety of classes, we also want to hone in on some key areas of equipping the people of Double Oak as it relates to who we are as a church. 


These classes are called CORE Classes. The CORE Classes will equip our people in the values of our church: Maturity, Community, and Charity. These classes will be highly recommended if you have never taken them. DOU will continue to offer other classes each term. These classes are still very valuable to your growth in Christian maturity. We will be committed to having classes that speak to marriage, parenting, more in depth biblical issues, specific books of the bible, as well as many other topics.  We want to be able to say at Double Oak, what Paul says in Colossians 1:28, that we may be able to present everyone mature in Christ. 

CORE (C) Classes will help equip the people of Double Oak in understanding and living out the values of our church.Here are the CORE (C) Classes listed below underneath the value they support:


Maturity: Christ-Centered

Biblical Overview:

New Testament

Old Testament

Doctrine & Beliefs


Community: Christ – Connected 
Spiritual Disciplines of the Faith
Discipleship in Biblical Community


Charity: Christ- Commissioned 
Discovering & Living Out Your Life’s Purpose 



FALL 2018 TERM: SEPT. 5 – OCT. 24


How to have true joy and contentment: A Study of Philippians with Richard Self & John Roland (Room C-22)

Do you need more joy and contentment in your life? Many times, our joy and contentment are directly linked to our current circumstances. In Paul's letter to the Philippians, we will learn how he had joy and contentment not based on his current circumstances but based on his faith in God. Not only that, but Paul encouraged the Philippians to live out their faith characterized by joy, encouragement, contentment, and unity. Come and experience how this letter can strengthen our faith in God marked by great joy and true contentment. 


Marriage According to Classic Country with Kirk & Alicia Cuevas (Room C-23)

The best songs are always the ones that tell us a story, and no genre of music tells a story better than classic country. More often than not, the story being told has themes from the greatest story ever told in the Bible. This class will incorporate select songs and lyrics of classic country as we explore and discuss ways that couples can achieve a satisfying and intimate marriage relationship as God intended.


Purpose Over Performance: Discovering & Living Out Your Life’s Purpose (C) – Michael Abrams (Room C-12)

How do you determine your specific purpose (not vocation or major) in life? Finding a clear purpose for our lives will shape our professions and jobs as well as how we approach all of life. In this class, you will develop a purpose statement for your life that will become the controller, the arbiter of all possible goals, vocations, and choices which will come across your path. Reorienting your life around God’s purpose, will help you discover why on earth you are here, and how to maximize your life to the fullest.  


How to Share Jesus without Freaking Out (C) – Clay Adkisson (Room C-11)

Ever feel anxious or ill equipped to share the gospel with people, so many times we just don't share? I think many people feel this way, myself included. What if there isn't just a one size fits all, one way to do evangelism? Come find out how to share Jesus in a way that is natural in everyday conversations, and consistent with who God has made you to be. We will be using the book “Sharing Jesus without freaking out by Alvin L. Reid” (You can get this ahead of time by clicking on the book title.)


A Journey Through the Old Testament in 50 Days (C) – Frank Patrick (Room C-25/26)

Are you confused by the numerous events, characters, and cultural differences found in the Old Testament?  Have you started to read the Old Testament and been frustrated by its length?  In only 7 weeks, we will walk through the amazing story of the Old Testament.  By reading select passages, we will gain a basic grasp of its primary themes and events.  After 50 days, you will have a clear framework for understanding and applying the Old Testament.


For The Love of God: A Study of God’s Covenant with Tom Cash (Room C-21)

At its core, the Bible is a love story – the greatest love story ever told. Therefore, it’s not surprising that God’s Covenant relationship is described through the metaphor of marriage. In this study, we’ll see God pursue His Covenant bride only to have His heart broken by adultery, we’ll see the great price that He paid to reacquire His bride, and the New Covenant relationship that ultimately culminates in the Wedding of the Lamb. Why did God ask a prophet to marry a harlot? Why was Jesus baptized? Why did Jesus turn water into wine? Why did Jesus offer living water to the woman at the well? These are but a few of the mysteries that will be revealed as we explore this greatest of love stories.


Heart Sing Choir - Kelly Stephenson (Worship Room) 

Membership in this group is open to any person who wants to sing, with no audition required. The choir will lead worship multiple times on Sunday mornings during the Fall. Rehearsals are 6:30 pm-7:45 pm Wednesday’s during DOU this fall. Childcare for birth-3 is available by contacting Cindy Barksdale.